Check this, the BEAST BUILD has had an awesome update and its available for you to download and install on your device right now! Why update you may ask, well it bring new add ons and change in menu and sub menu too, who would you want a build that still has the EURO’s on it!! Well this is why the developers update it for you, YES you could do it yourself but its much easier if someone else does. The video shows full install instructions and a full review, if you get in to any major issues then please just ask on here, website, Twitter or anywhere you can get hold of me and you know I will answer you ASAP, as I always do!


How to install, well first you need to head to :

Please please remember to ensure you are verified and it says a big fat YES next to verified, personally I would also try using a Gmail account as I have never had a single issue with them.

The source URL, (The one you stick in KODI) is:

This will then give you access to all the builds within the Wizard, don’t forget to enter your email and password that you verified with!!! 2 different ways are shown on the video to help you out.

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beast build update beast build update beast build update beast build update beast build update

So for the giveaway if you would like to enter head to  (Enter up to 6 times, rules are all their)

and then to TT site below.



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I am not the developer, just making the videos

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