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The Beast Wizard gets an awful lot of press, wether positive or negative, either way you have to appreciate the time and effort that goes in to every aspect of the developing, delivery and support. I first started my YouTube Channel because of it. My friend in work mentioned that he had this android box with the BEAST on it. I looked in to it, helped a few people out in work and thought it would be less hassle to do a video and from their my channel boomed and 8,400 subscribers in and 5 months later I am loving it.

The beast update is going to be released tomorrow, but why so many updates! This is the where the support side comes in to play. Even with software their are bugs, then fixes and this is a never ending loop of updates. This is the same for a build, new add ons come out every week, some discontinued etc. So when the beast is released on every version updates and the latest and most stable video add ons are implemented within. But jesus 2-3 times a month isn’t that too much!


Why, well I want a build that works, has the very best add ons on and one that I can certainly recommend to friends and family as I know it will work. If we think about it, it only takes 10 minutes to register and update, is that really a hassle, I personally don’t believe it is. Other areas where the Beast out performs is on the forums where I believe its now over 25K on 2 forums on Facebook plus their is also spartanpixel.net that provides a forum where everyone seems to be really helpful and also thankful for any advice given.

Here are a few images so you can see just how the beast has evolved and been updated over the past months, you can tell just by the images it just keeps getting better.

beast wizardbeast wizard

beast wizardbeast wizard

I appreciate that people won’t agree with me about the BEAST WIZARD but I am certainly entitled to my personal opinion as are you. Not 1 single build will suit every user, we have so much choice its unbelievable, their really is no need to be shitty against other peoples builds, apart from the copy and pasters. All of the builds are created for free, the developers of the add ons do this for free, they do not get paid.

So personally I will look forward to the next release of the BEAST and certainly will update and do a new video on my channel as always. So to the beast developers and all other Devs out their, thank you and keep up the good work.



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