Beastly Thoughts LIVE Ep 132 – Playstation 4 Pro Talk!

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  1. PS5 is not being announced next year. That's a ridiculous notion.

    Never mind, if sony wants to pull a microsoft, they should announce ps5 a few weeks before the scorpio releases with a 2019/2020 release.

    Also, Briar, I thought pro and regular games had to have the same FPS? Destiny 2 would be held back by the ps4, just like the scorpio will be by the xbone.

  2. I love all you guys but Briar you treat the other two and I have noticed on other channels you are on. Your opinion is above all. Please strop being so rude to Robbie. I know he will be the first to defend you but it's not cool or funny anymore.

  3. I don't think Briar is right that xbox is only selling because of the pro being on the horizon, it's the cheapest deal for a next gen console that's 4K ready has the most features in its price range simple as that

  4. i agree with Beastly, the upgrade from a ps4 to a pro isnt all that big for the majority of players whom are playing on ps4 atm so they wont buy a ps4 pro primarily for 4k res when they dont have 4k tv. presenting the ps5 in 2017 saying its coming out 2018 would be a good plan for sony 100%


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