Benefits Of Mobile Communication Networks

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Mobile communication networks have been of uncountable or rather immeasurable benefits to the world today. Just like other technologies, the world would have been a difficult place to leave in without mobile communication network.

The benefits of the networks could be listed from; mobile phone calls, security, mobile banking and host of other uses. Infact we can’t count them but rather give instances of areas we have benefited from mobile communication networks.

We are able to save money that would have spent on trip just canceled on phone calls. It sounds grate to save like $100 dollars that would have wasted on a trip canceled because who we are going to see in office is not on sit.


What about security benefits that we drive from mobile communication networks?

It allows us to call police when we are in distress at any point in time with mobile phones. You could be in the market, on the street, in the bus or picnic, anywhere. Making call is easy, handy and convenient with mobile phone.


It benefits us in our health conditions. You could fall sick at remote place where medical attention is not easily accessible. One can use mobile phone on the network to contact doctor and receive medical attention not minding the distance.

Information transfer

Prompt and easy transfer of information is also an important benefit obtainable from mobile communication network. Messages which could have wasted time through curia and postal services can just reach the recipient in few seconds through text messages powered by mobile communication networks.

Business Opportunity

There is also benefit of business opportunities. Mobile communication network operators provide business opportunities for call centers and phone booth where people pay and make calls using public lines on the network. The beauty of this is that anybody can join this business and make a living from it.


Another benefit of mobile communication network is advertisement. The network operators can reach the subscribers on the network wherever there are within the network domain. In matter of seconds, advertisement, promotions and jingles can reach active subscribers on the network. Some smart business men use this medium to deliver bulk sms (short message service) to the active subscribers and so advertise their products and services to the active subscribers on the network. The active subscribers on the network then receive the messages on their mobile phones and take actions as regards the content of the message.

Source by Godwin Ugwumgbor


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