Best Gaming Monitor For PS4 Pro

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The best gaming monitor for PS4 Pro. Review of the best gaming monitor / 4K monitor for PS4 Pro the 4K HDR gaming console. I will be posting a video when a 4K HDR gaming monitor that supports

Buy the ASUS MG Series Monitor from Amazon:

TN Display (For Competitive Gaming):

IPS Display (For Best Graphics and Visuals):



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  1. so it won't play hdr? yet it's better than a hdr TV? come on just cos ya bought it doesn't make it the best. you can't go off paper. it's different types in the real. it's like the vrs if you went of Google specs you'd think the psvr is the worst when it actually looks the best

  2. Question. Does "ASUS ProArt PA329Q Professional" supports HDR? It says it's 14bit. Does it support HDR10 12 up like 4kTVs today?

    I need to know before I buy because ps4 pro and xbox one s supports HDR.


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