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in this tutorial i show you how to install the best kodi 17.3 build for june 2017 using the ares wizard. you can also install by adding the source for my steven wizard. this kodi build is heavy then normal so its not recommended to install on a firestick.

for other builds checkout my other videos:

the simplified build:

the cinema build:

the beach build:

updated with working kodi addons from june 2017
exodus addon, specto addon, elysium addon, uk turk addon

link for add source for the ares wizard:

Download The Steven Wizard for the media Build and install through zip file in kodi:

link for install from file manager :



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  1. as usual you made another great looking build thanks Steve I do have a question the person that wants to use this build wants to know if I can make the fonts larger they have a little trouble seeing and want to know is it possible please let me know thanks. another's great work

  2. awesome! build! but you have to check everything before you upload the build example: favorites are not set right metallic is not set right keeps on saying metallic error. awesome builds

  3. hey Steven how are you brother? I've been following you n mannnnnn, your builds are awesome keep the good work thanks for your hard work. one question does this build have a favourite section? if not how do I add one pls help … thanks n I'm Steven too. lol later brothet

  4. Hi Steven your build is awesome, wonderfull look, are you going to update this build with the cd´s spining? I´m looking foward to have that amazing look with cd´s spining and getting out of the case

  5. any chance you could do a video on how you use the extended script info, everything I use it, it loads very slow and it doesn't give me the option to play. or if you have done a video already! 👍


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