Best Kodi Build For New Amazon Firestick 2017

A Simple Click Really Helps

Showing you a new build by Schism tv, showing you a walk through of the build and how to install if you would like to have this on your amazon firestick.

Amazon Firestick I Use:

New Intructions go to link below!



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  1. Hi I am trying to get this one you posted but it won't show me or give me the opportunity to have schism Build tv thing is not in our program add on please help! – Cristal Welker

  2. I am so I pressed by you! I'm a firmer teacher & I love your style. So I know it's been a couple of months but is this now your ultimate favorite build? Thank you!!!!

  3. nothing is working on my build no sports devil no pro sports it keeps saying for more information something.. it's like one day it works then it doesn't what do I do? it won't let me stream

  4. I have an issue on this build. I get to the 20 minute mark where I should get the schism add on and I get the ez maintenance add. there are no other options . what is my issue ?

  5. hey, problem installing schism. after i click program add-ons. the only thing come up is EZ maintenance. not schism. i did all the steps leading up to that. pls help.

  6. I have this build on my fire stick now. Thank you! When I'm watching a movie I can see the colors of my build (anniversary) in the background.. Sometimes. Why is that? Do you know? Thanks! Also, I can't pause a movie for longer than a minute or two or J lose the movie. Hmmmm!

  7. I had a firestick once before they're junk they don't hold enough memory you have to clean it like every day every couple of hours and after 6 months of having it it ran into internet connection problems

  8. Followed your step-by-step instructions to the letter. The Kodiak, program add-ones would only download the EZ maintained feature from the schism zip file. Tried 3 times start-to-finish to make it work right and got the same results. What am I not doing right?


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