Best KODI Build for the KIDS | Perfect for the Firestick

A Fantastic Build for the KIDS!

A Simple Click Really Helps

Best KODI Build for the KIDS

So you have probably had it before, let the kids watch as movie on KODI and hide the remote just incase the little terrors grab the remote and start flicking through some channels or content that isn’t suitable for them. I know you can install separate profiles on any device, or you could get them a Firestick and load, lets say, the Disney addon on it. OR you could load up the fantastic KIDDO Build from British Barley. So here we have a post on theĀ Best KODI Build for the KIDSĀ 

Best KODI Build for the KIDS

The build is very simple to navigate and it bright and colourful so the little rugrats will love it, it has all the best cartoons and movies on there too so the dudes will be able to find the very best content with ease. The build is installed from the awesome Echo Wizard, so if you did want to install any further addons then just head to the addon installer via the wizard to add more, all in one click.



VIATony Barley

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