Best Kodi Build January 2017!!!!!

A Simple Click Really Helps

UPDATE!!!!! I have posted a more direct method to getting this installed WITHOUT the echo wizard go check out the video:

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Build: Dimitrology
Wizard: (Developer Updated source address: Echo Wizard (

Music Cover by:

BBoyNoe’s channel:

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Intro by Luis S. My little brother

Intro Song: Bad Karma (Trap Nation)

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  1. thanks for upload, i have a firestick and kodi on Pc-how did you move forward on section where you were testing movies in 2016?? no buffering or, movies from your database?

  2. i am having trouble with my kodi box I have the current build that you are talking about in this video but when I am watching a tv show or movie it will cut out during the movie or tv show why would this be happening. and also when I'm clicking on a tv show to say I have watched season 1 it will automatically update that I have watched all the seasons why is this happening ??

  3. After installing it is not showing the movie covers on the home screen, I have to go into each add on to view the list of movies 🙁 any idea why? Its kind of tedious going into each add on and would be nice if it looked just like yours

  4. Mine at the end is giving me options :
    Window opened >trakt,rd & favorites

    Keep both trakt,rd & favorites
    only keep trakt & Real Debrid settings
    only keep kodi favorites
    remove all settings and favorites



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