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So here we have just some of the best KODI Wizards of 2016 available right now, if you don’t know what a Wizard for KODI is then, well its simple. It is a couple program add on that will provide you with everything from builds, video add ons and even optimising your specific device. At the time of filming ARES Wizard was down, but I can thankfully tell you right now its up and running, and by the way they have just released the update the their awesome build too, so go check that out.

These wizards below really are some of the very best, and me personally I use them all the time!

best kodi wizards 2016

Right you want the URL’s so here they are.

TDB Wizard is http://www.TDBWizard.co.uk/repo

ARES http://areswizard.co.uk

BEAST http://wizard.place/repo

WOOKIE http://wiz.wookiespmc.com

So have fun installing them and enjoy the video.

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