Best New Fire Stick Build for Kodi – Tron (August 2016)

Here is the link to the plug in for the Tron source:

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  1. just installed build looks great. only problem I've found is can't seem to get tv guide to work, starts updating guide then get a box that just says OK which then closes and goes back to home screen

  2. Truth be told, I had the TopTutorials build on my firestick but I won't be going back to it. Tron is a dope build and is both a lot faster and less intensive on the stick. great job

  3. Great video, but dogg I was laughing uncontrollably when you admitted to using the Yoga videos!

    Then you almost killed (LOL!) me when you started focusing your camera on theXXX!
    The focus motor sound is hilarious 🙂
    How old is that camera?

    Is the camera for sale???

    BTW: I've been using YouTube before Google bought it and this is the first video I think I've ever posted on!

    Thank you for sharing!


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