Black Ops Wii: The Best Call of Duty EVER

A Simple Click Really Helps

After playing the hell out of all of the Call of Duty games, this one still stands out to me as the most tactical, thoughful, and skilful game of the entire series.

The aged presentation and sub-optimal framerate aren’t enough to overcome the excellent controls and game design.

And no kill cam! Pro mode engaged!



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  1. You raise a lot of good points. I hope the Switch does incorporate motion controls, partially for CoD, and hopefully for Metroid Prime.

    I really liked playing Black Ops 2 on my Wii U since each player in split screen online got a full screen with the GamePad.

  2. I haven't cared much about COD since 4 because it just became too chaotic. This is fine for some people but not for me. Most of what this video did was make me want to play COD 2. I really did like Medal of Honor Vanguard on Wii, which I think is a very underappreciated game despite it's many flaws. Even shooters like Red Steel managed to be truly one of a kind despite the broken katana segments. Not every Wii shooter was a success though, I found The Conduit to be boring and most of the compliments I paid it ended in "…for the Wii." Nice video, don't mind the down thumbs.


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