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Here is the latest version of dimitrology’s boomshakalaka build. A great build packed full of addons for everything from movies and tv shows to live tv and sport. A great build that runs very smoothly


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  1. hey ran into a lil trouble here. after I add the source a message pops up saying. it couldn't retrieve directory information due to the network not being connected. but the problem is I am connected

  2. Thx for the Video :)) i got 2 questions : how can i record the streams or whatever im watching?
    and how can i activate autoplay ? (when for example 1 episode finished kodi should play immediately the next)
    Thank you very much.

  3. Hi TT, Thanks for all your hard work. I have been using your builds for a while now. I am experimenting with Kodi 17 at the moment and just wondered if this Dimitrology build should run on there. I have tried to install it and all went well but the skin / appearance of the Dimitrology isn't there. Any ideas?

  4. Hello I installed a new build that you just described to everyone and none of it works so I think you will need to get your bills working correctly before you start showing everybody how to use him so far they stink

  5. hello I've been using the hyper Tt v4.8 (red) background which I really really like but now it updated to hyper tt v5. 2 which is (blue)…. HOW DO I KEEP THIS BUILD BUT HAVE THE LOOK FROM THE (HYPER TT V4.8) version? please respond back thanks.

  6. Very nice. One of the most complete builds out at the moment. BUT!,being an NFL fan, will continue to use TT Ultra as it is the only one that has the NFL game pass installed for free on it.
    My congrats to you sir as you are the only one who gives reviews quickly and iffeciently without dragging on with things that have nothing to do with the review.. hello from Cabo Mexico..

  7. I love ultra tt. However I can't amend my own addons on the widgets in the system menu as once I switch off and then back on again it just reverts back to default. I'm using a droid box. Any ideas?


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