Breaking News on Kodi TV Addons June 2017

Breaking News on Kodi TV Addons June 16th, 2017

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Roku 3600 HDMI Wi-Fi 1080p HD Smart Streaming Stick 2016 Model – Black – 3600R

Roku 4 Streaming 4K UHD Wi-Fi Quad-Core Media Player w/ Headphones – 4400 4400R

Roku Streaming Stick 2016 Model with Quad Core Processor – Black (3600R)

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Zoomtak Vue Box T8 Plus Smart TV Streaming Digital Media Player KODI AV HDMI

Apple TV 4th Generation Digital HD Media Streamer 64GB MLNC2LL/A

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  2. I have come across a better addon on kodi.its called esylum i watched guardian of the galaxy part 2. two nights ago and the picture quality was perfect and no buffing. me and my brother are going to watch wonder women tonight because the picture quality is good and the sound is outstanding for a movie that came out

  3. exodus stil working fine im on the latest update version 3.1.18 with real debrid im using it and specto is my second best tv shows movies addon you dont need fusion repository for updating exodus now but if those 2 addons would be gone one time im done with kodi or if there wil be new ones i wil try them then at that time

  4. dude this guys are running for the hills…. they closed their Twitter and FB accounts… this guys are running because different to a common Addon…that just Scrapes the Net for sources (Glorify search engine) and passes the sources directly to your Kodi that makes a P2P connection with the source for you to Stream (not illegal in most countries)…. this Fuckers from TV addons where Hosting copyrighted material, and working with other hosters to encrypt their sites so it only worked with "Special Searches" (Paid searches) from premium accounts like Real Debrid or premium APK accounts….

    so this guys where partners with the copyrighted material hosts and hosting themselves and Charging real money for the Streams…and that is straight out piracy the type that really is a magnet for attention of the mainstream media… they where also selling their own Boxes preloaded to stream Copyrighted material…Selling them for Real money…again…. whenever your hosting the copyrighted material your in the grey line…streaming it to strangers your most likely breaking laws…charging real money for the streams? oh man your ass has one ticket to jail and you and your great grandchildren are gonna pay for generations the penalty for piracy.


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