Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare ALREADY A FAILURE? – The Know Game News

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Early sales figures are in for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and it looks like the game’s not doing so well. Of course, not doing so well for a Call of Duty game still means a bajillion copies, but take your wins where you can, haters.

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Written By: Eddy Rivas
Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins and Jon Risinger

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  1. Well I'm really starting to understand why companies dont want to release any sales numbers. Like you, others may make the public decide on things just by the wording and phrasing used.

    I don't want your digital copies!

  2. Jons a fuktard, obviously a noob at gaming. Wait till his accounts get hacked and systems crash, he gonna wish he had a hard copy of his game. plus at least a physical disk is worth money and be resold or kept for high collector value. #git gud, jon

  3. I thought the futuristic idea was cool when it came out cool in until I played it so I the old cods but battle field looks cool and cheaper but is cool be 80 dollars is a lot for mwr so is b1 good

  4. Is this guy being sarcastic or is he just so oblivious to the fact that some people have poor bandwidth? 120GB would take me around 500 hours (3 weeks) to download.

  5. 5:59 – My guess is that the sales numbers of both Ghost and Advanced Warfare are inflated by the fact that Activision offered upgrades from last gen to current gen, which could be counted as two "sales" in order to achieve a higher sales figure!


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