Call of Duty Infinite Warfare – Brutal Death Scenes / Best Moments Compilation

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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare – Deaths, Best Moments, Kills & Campaign Cutsenes.
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About the game:
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will lead players through an unforgettable journey as they engage in heroic battles with hallmark boots-on-the-ground combat. The campaign spans our solar system, taking players on a journey from Earth to beyond our atmosphere. It’s grand scale war with unforgettable characters, rich emotional arcs, an epic new setting and blockbuster Call of Duty action.

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  1. If Infinity Ward was going to make a Mass Effect clone, they should have added some RPG elements to go along with all of the shooting and sci-fi. Pretty sure that they won't get another chance to try something like this again.

  2. Tbh the campaign wasn't bad at all…the cold acting and bad dialogues are a rather common thing in FPS games. Otherwise, characters like Ethan managed to keep a smile on your face and give you the emotional moments.


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