Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare… Does It SUCK? – The Know Game News

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is out and it’s time to see if it deserves all the hate it’s been getting from anti-fans since its first reveal trailer. We’ll take a look at critical reviews, user reviews, and weigh in to answer the most important question in all the world… DOES IT SUCK?


Written By: Ashley Jenkins
Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins and Ryan Haywood

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  1. I'm not sure if the offer is still valid anymore but the pricing on the MW1 pre-order bundle was actually a pretty good deal. For $100 you got CoD IW with the season pass and MW1 even if you only got the season pass and inf. warfare it would still have been a good deal because ur only paying half price for the dlc packs. 4 @ $20 a pop. So $40 rather than $80.

  2. you nailed it. and I'd like to thank you for validating this old gamer. I called it as soon as I played titanfall2, there was no way that cod iw would be as good when it comes to vertical movement. Titan fall 2 wins fps of the year!

  3. I play battlefield 1 for the multiplayer while I play cod for the zombies and campaign, Battlefield 1 campaign was short as hell and I beat it in a day, I don't recommend players to buy unless you have gold, unlike Cod infinite warfare, It has good campaign and little side of zombie while for multiplayer, You can play against bots unlike battlefield 1, I don't like playing online in cod because people are to damn competitive while battlefield 1 is a fun multiplayer experience so conclusion, both games have there pros and cons, I like them both equally, stop with the bullshit bandwagon hate, it's over now, just enjoy the goddamm games that been provided for you

  4. "IW felt like a propaganda game rather than a game with a nice story or historical fact driven. Everyone is eager to die, so understanding bunch. no one showed fear of the "whats to come" no matter how hardcore soldier you think you are. there
    lacks of some human level of emotion. I love the line salt kept using "They're shooting civilians!!" as if I should feel some sense of urgency just by these lines. It takes more than yelling a few lines to touch the human part of me Cpt Obvious.

    The plot for the SDF is weak, Its not like they're running out of resource if they decide to go independent. You get where Im going with this? they have little to no tangible reason to go to war. I felt like the SDF is a symbolism of a kid getting ban from playing WOW by their parents and the kid AKA SDF is throwing a galactic fit of rage.

    The weapon design is just atrocious, You're in the future GDI! why is there M4/AK47 stuck with a bunch of electronic on them? Did Activision thinks its ok to be lazy with the design since the audience didn't like IW so lets not waste time in designing new weapons and instead just grab a old game file and slap afew gears to make it look good??

    The Weapon gears and other gadget, The game is so short that it doesn't matter. do you get perks for finishing secondary missions or is it worthwhile? It felt like the secondary mission are just fillers, meant to for perfectionist gamers other than
    getting some gears and thats it, nothing significant that would alter the storyline. Games like this needs a longer play time to
    make all the upgrades worth it, seriously. Mass Effect series did just that, profit over quality I guess. I saw a post-review by some kuku game site claiming fans weren't disappointed, well that depends on how you look at it though. Idk this is just my POV."

    …and Isn't Cod meant to be based on all the single player story mode? why has Multiplayer became the jewel of the series? started playing since the very first one and MP was never what I look forward to. Activision is trying to step into MP platform/mode but too afraid of it failing/backfire so they decide to smack it with SP.


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