Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Review Gameplay Discussion

A Simple Click Really Helps

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  1. blops 3 campaign was utter crudd wtf the frozenforest rinse and repeat tiny terribly designed levels from halfway through obviously couldn't be arsed eyes on the money .Infinate warfare excellent campaign offering lots terrific visuals well done Developers.dont think I'll be playing multiplayer much if at all though as I like when they bring us a great campaign like they just did 😀

  2. it feels like black ops 3 without the character, and originality. its a watered down BO3. It really is sad, because it proves Infinity Ward is not the same, so we cant expect any of their games to be similar to the Modern Warfare series because the people who made it, no longer work at Infinity Ward. In a sense, Infinity Ward is crippled. The last few games prove this. The only way we will get games that are ture Infinite Warfare CODs is the remastered ones. I don't like this game, i don't like the setting, and i hate Activision for ruining another great game due to GREED. Ever sense Activision made COD play to win, it has been going in a downward spiral. why do they do it! 💰 💰 💰


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