Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

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Karak reviews Call of Duty Infinite Warfare for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is out now.
Will update review if needed. Self purchased retail source.

I am not IGN or Gamespot, no 2 minute reviews here only details.
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  1. They said multiplayer frame rate issues on Xbox One will be fixed. Does that mean the shoot 1st die 1st that is in full effect will go away? Fucking hit marker city right now. Calling cards are forgettable, and character customization skins are a joke. When I lost a gun fight in BO3, I knew it was my fault….With this game who fucking knows. Campaign/Zombies are great, but I feel like I pulled my pants down and threw my 100 bucks at them. Face palming right now.

  2. i dont really get why people were such babies about this game in particular.. since black ops 2 cod has been set in the future.. why would this one be any different? This honestly does look like a good game

  3. I've been saying for years that I would pay $100 for a worthy remaster of Modern Warfare, but I'm not sure it'll be as worthy as I hoped, considering 80% of their efforts went into a brand new game.

    $100 would have been for a jaw dropping remaster that makes you stop at every inch to examine microscopic details and additions. I'll probably wait for a sale and pay $20, considering I'm only buying it for the 20% effort they put into the remaster.

  4. I know a lot of people were hating on this game at first (maybe still now) and saying they were getting it just for the remastered MW but as someone who doesn't play cod or most FPS games this is more interesting to me. I've never been too big on shooters that are set in modern times or past era so I always need it to either be futuristic or have pretty heavy non shooter (likely RPG) elements with a preference to that latter. Anyway thanks for the review as always Karak.

  5. Excellent review as always ACG.

    And I don't think you were paid for this review at all. You just gave your honest opinion and you enjoyed it. Most people think it's a crime to have a different opinion than them.

  6. explosions are terrible in this game. you throw a grenade and theres a little bit of smoke for 2 seconds and nothing has changed. no building destroyed or fire or anything

  7. realy good campaign very immersive and enjoyable i play it before work after work realy good stuff
    you cant realy compare this to BF1 its such a different game in the way its played i would recommand playing the multi player of BF1 its so much fun even if you are terrible at it like me :)

  8. I think you went too indulgent on the campaign. The ai is pretty dumb and the levels seem very , very linear and if you change the difficulty it looks like the only thing that is different are the health and the damage that the enemies deal. The performances and the story I think are pretty good from what I saw but none the less it's Call of Duty gosh darn it ! They made the Black ops series and Modern warfare ! Those were hands down the best campaigns in the entire military fps genre not because of the realistic story or things that other shooters like half life have done , but in pure mindless fun with memorable characters. I saw multiple walkthroughs of the story mode and I can't remember the name of the main character ! But this won't stop me saying one of the best video game reviewers and I like that if you know that you like a game or not you just express your opinion and nothing stops you working damn hard on those reviews , you don't do half baked reviews like those companies that don't care about the content only about the money. I hope i didn't offend you , but this is my opinion and stay awesome and keep posting those awesome early reviews. They are truly the best on this entire site .

  9. Thanks for the review. I been wondering about the IW part of the game as I really want the remaster but since I have to decide if I am buying it on PC to play at 1440p (most likely what I will do) or just buy on console. I need to stay on an old driver for my rig as the AMD beta drivers are causing me to have the device removed hang issue from BF1 in BF4 too which is my main FPS at the moment.


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