Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Review – The Final Verdict

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For hardcore Call of Duty fans, picking up Infinite Warfare should be a no brainer. If you love Black Ops 3’s multiplayer system you will appreciate Infinite Warfare’s offerings. For everyone else who are on the fence about the game’s gun balancing issues, we’d suggest waiting and check whether Infinity Ward will address it and try and keep competition fair for those who will grind to unlock a specific weapon against those who opt to spending their money and unlocking them through microtransactions.






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  1. I feel like if the campaign/singleplayer had 2 more years of development time, that we could have gotten something of equal level with Mass Effect. Especially with the central theme of a soldier's duty and sacrifice.

    Having finished the campaign, it was fun and pretty good, but it felt unfinished and rushed.. It focuses on your own small path in this supposedly grand war in the solar system, but there's very little world building and the motivations of the antagonist aren't very clear either. Why does the SDF want war with earth for example? Except them seeing that earthlings are losers and shit, there doesn't seem to be much more motivation.

    Also, the entire campaign seems to only take place in one or two days..?? (When you watch the news reels)

  2. I'll get it on sale for the single player campaign. It looks quite spectacular and the reviews are good. I like the almost non existent hud. I found multiplayer and zombies not for me.

  3. I'd say an 8 would be more appropriate, I mean just look at this game, while I do agree the multiplayer is a case of "if it ain't broke don't fix it", the campaign is up there with MW1, and the zombies mode is now not this dark emotional story, it's just plain fun. And side note, the graphics are possibly the finest I have seen on any platform to date. Period, this game is a must buy, but play it for the single player and zombies, the multiplayer is an like an extra slice of cake to an already full sized cake, it adds to the experience with more value, but it's still the same slice of cake.

  4. I have played the whole campaign.
    All i can say is that it left me in tears.
    Infinity Ward did a damn good job on the game.
    Despite all the hate,they show us that they care.Activision,not that much.
    They've put a lot of time and work in this game for people to enjoy.The least the fans could do is show some respect for the 3 years theyve put in the making of this game.

  5. * Its worth a rental to play Campaign mode and some multiplayer.
    *I forgot to mention it feels like a free to play game.Feels bland and depressing , don't believe me …….. listen to the menu music and look at the character models.
    * 3 Years for this …….. Unacceptable ….. Game feels rushed out the door and its does not look polished.
    * Do not buy this game (Unless you have money to throw away), rent it or wait for it to be in the bargain bin.

  6. Loving the campaign, fast paced and exciting. Worth picking up and playing despite all the hate beforehand! Multiplayer … not a fan, prefered Killzone 2 – sta-52 rocks lol. Luv n respect to all.

  7. what's different about this compared to black ops 3? and you can't say story because it's gradually the same structure. and setting? same futuristic bs. can some one answer me? compare mw2 to cod4. or mw2 to bo1. that'd 3 years and yet they each changed everything. idk why people just won't stick with bo3

  8. I know I can't be the only one who has said this, but if you want to play a fresh take on fast paced combat Titanfall 2 is the way to go, a lot of people seem to forget that Respawn is made up of old CoD devs. It really sucks that EA kind of hung them out to dry putting Titanfall up against IW and BF1 but it really is a blast to play


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