Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Review

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare touches down with passable multiplayer, a tubular, neon-tinged zombie invasion, and the best campaign since the first Modern Warfare.

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  1. I have to agree, the campaign seemed okay to me. It was interesting and it had the foundation, and it definitely had potential. Theres just three main issues with it: Bland and unengaging characters, low playing time and repetitiviness. Yeah, the characters we're shit. Jon Snow was definitely the most interesting and cool, but everyone else we're shit. Way too cliche. The low playing-time is quite annoying in games like these, but multiplayer is always the end part of a COD game (which we will get to in a sec). And yes, its repetitive. Sure, it has its good moments, very good moments actually, like the one we're you go to space and fight an epic battle (though more ship control would've been better). But theres 2 things that are included in the repetitive section: gameplay and in-game scenes. Gameplay is good at some points, but its basically your casual COD gameplay which you've played back in AW or Ghost even. The in-game scenes are the scenes where something happens where you can control the character, but in this game, like many COD games, have their black sheeps. Moments and events go by way too quickly, areas that seem really engaging (and areas you want to explore more) are small as fuck and in some cases, its pretty much the same, and it gets annoying. The campaign is far from bad, but it has its flaws that really need some fixing. K, the multiplayer. Its shit. Complete bullshit. Its basically just AW's bullshitness and Titanfall's manuevering and movement combined. You get killed way too fast, super-op weapons and the maps are garbage. Extremely poor design, lemme tell you. Waaay too many corners where you can jump at the enemy players or just insta-kill with op weapons, which makes it worse with the small area and tight corners. The manuvering and the movement makes it a bit better, especially the wallrunning, but you'll rarely use it because you die too quickly, or you get killed when using the wallrun, because you get too exposed and sort of trapped for second. Its not worst game, but it sure hell ain't the best. Customization is still top-notch, which im happy about. Anyways, Activision, fuck you guys for making COD MW remastered only buyable when getting infinite warfare as well.

  2. People only hate the game to be a part of the bandwagon which is sad if you gave the game a chance maybe you would see why they gave it an 8. You people just think it's cool to hate on a game you haven't even tried.

  3. Most of you haven't played the game but still hate on this review.
    If you played the game you would know that the story on this year's call of duty is the best since a long time. 🙂
    The only bad thing that was a bit disappointing was the multi-player not including space fights.
    The zombie mode feels a bit like a scooby doo game and is very fun 😀
    So go play it ;)

  4. I love the game.
    Just a good shooter, hater gonna hate, and stay on board the hate train.
    But he, if you like the game or not it is actually good.
    Can you call it a reskin? Maybe a bit, the art stays the same. But if you really know the games, it doesn't play the same.
    You can feel it play differently. And they did take the time to add some new stuff.

    –Just a note not a fanboy.(I am watching and playing it like a gamer, and open minded) This game is just not getting the credit is deserves.
    –Don't see it like they are ruining the game(COD), they are trying stuff out, and that little effort deserves some credit.


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