Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare ZOMBIES GAMEPLAY! (30+ MINUTES)

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare ZOMBIES GAMEPLAY! (30+ MINUTES)
► Infinite Warfare 30 KILLSTREAK! –
COD IW Zombies in Spaceland gameplay – Enjoy!

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  1. COD Is dying slowly…. I remember when my friends at school argued between Battlefield 3 and COD Black Ops 2, to know which was the best. Now battlefield won the discussion and got the lead. And COD keeps trying to regain its success.

  2. i think its sooo unique and there is alot of things u can do i like how they want to think and make a game(zombie mode) outside the box … like comeon guys im not going to play the classic zombies mode for my entire life ofc i well get bored

  3. For me the campaign is the best CoD campaign in a very long time. It won't appeal to everyone and that's totally fine. Zombies in Spaceland is actually more fun than previous zombie modes. Shame the multiplayer is super fast with more bloody jet packs


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