Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered – Time Paradox Achievement Guide

A Simple Click Really Helps

Creating alternate timelines and destroying the fabric of reality has never been a simple process. Matt and Jeremy can show you how to do it and get gamerscore at the same time though. ||| Join FIRST for exclusive AH content: ||| Get yer AH merch:

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  1. I hated the level before this one where you have to "sneak" in order to get to this sniper position. I spent two hours trying to sneak past the line of tanks and soldiers and would always get caught, even when they safely passed by me. I finally got past that area by just running straight at the enemy soldiers and doing a Superman dive past them. I think the game felt sorry for me and just let me move on.

  2. Honestly one of (if not the) coolest Acheivements of all time. That's amazing detail and it's interesting what the story can turn into. Maybe if they remaster MW2 or MW3 they can add special missions to see how makarovs death would effect the MW universe


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