Call of Duty on PC Angry Rant!

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Why in GODS name would Activision split the user base on PC?! Players who purchase the game on Steam will not be able to play with players who purchase on Windows. Call of Duty is DEAD ON ARRIVAL for the PC players!

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  1. dude just don't worry about the reviews especially since so many games come out this season. if you do want to pump out reviews just do short reviews so it does not stress you out. i am not really a fan by the way just a concerned person.

  2. pssst Hey kid…
    U… U wanna play the game 4 free?
    U wanna kick the Jewctivision in the nuts?
    Why don't you just try googling TPB?
    U didn't heard that from me tho…

  3. I honestly adore Sledghammer games, when advanced warfare came out, treyarch and infinity ward decided to go to the future, but I'd Sledgehammer goes back to Vietnam, maybe treyarch and infinity ward will follow Sledgehammer, Sledgehammer are the real MVP's

  4. Listen to me Joe…Stick to the main games…fuck the VR shit…fuck the other shit…Stick with the game reviews and the movie reviews. We will wait for quality and the people who are going to buy the game on launch are going to by the game on launch…if they buy it on launch or can't wait for the review then buyer beware…BUT for the rest of us…you're LEGENDARY for keeping it Average Joe. Games and movies. Love you homie.

  5. Every time you release a game that relies entirely on multiplayer, you're splitting the player base over and over and over again, because some of the players from the previous game will choose to stay behind and play the game they know they like. Not every person who plays Call of Duty is going to buy the newest game, and we've been seeing this over the years as Activision releases the same, reskinned game over, and over, and over again.

  6. I saw a thing that said on October 7th there was 250k preorders on both consoles combined.
    Meanwhile Black ops 3 had I think 300k sales on the PS4 alone (on October 4th).
    Also Battlefield 1 has I think a combined total of 100k preorders.

  7. I bought infinite warfare like a dummy and the game is dying fast. I bet it won't last more than 3 months. Im just playing it now just to feel like a didn't waste my money. I know soon ill be deleting this game from my library and will never touch it again or any Call of Duty for that matter.


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