Capcom Considering Bringing PS4/Xbox One Games Over To The Switch

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  1. I'll be happy if STREET FIGHTER V makes it in to Nintendo Switch, since Nintendo hasn't had any home releases since Alpha 2.

    However, I got a feeling that there will be no 3rd party games on the Nintendo Switch, with every 3rd party port planned getting canceled.

  2. Ohhh…. cheess… nintendo show up skyrim in the NX teaser wua wua… get over it. real competitive game companies like sony and xbox (the companies that you want nintendo to emulate) do it all the time.

  3. Dang, Rich: you go back and forth more than a seesaw on a kiddie playground, lol! Anyhow, this is potentially – key word 'potentially' – good stuff. That even makes me wonder more what type of processing is going on inside the Switch's hardware… (But Nintendo is so secretive about their tech, we may never know or fully know.)

  4. I would be shocked and very happy and surprised if the Switch does turn out to have a X2 and more then 4gb of ram.

    I still feel very sure that the Switch is going to be a custom X1 with the already rumoured 4gb of ram.
    That sounds about right for what I expect from Nintendo….

    I also doubt the X2 cause it has not even been released yet and talk about it just started this year and the Switch has been in production for how many years now????
    Even if they changed there mind and scrapped things and started over a whole console by a company like Nintendo is not designed and put together in a few months or even a year…

    But I welcome the surprise.

    Rather it be a X2 with 8gb of ram somehow in a portable console with near Xbox One performance or be a X1 with 4gb of ram and be like a Wii U on steroids from the help of modern hardware but still only offer performance similar to last gen PS3, 360 and well the Wii U from current gen…
    Either or I'll be buying one day one. but I'm a Nintendo fan boy. But I'll buy almost anything they sell. they need the general audience and the casual gamers to make it big.

    if they can somehow make it a X2 or a original new Tegra chip with performance near that of the X2 and have at least 6gb of ram. My mind will be blown. cause this would be so unlike Nintendo.

    You can even think of Nintendo from the past but they never offered a power house console.
    The Game Cube was the 2nd most powerful console of that generation only hindered by the low storage, tiny discs they used.
    But it came out in 2001, vs the PS2 that came out in 2000, and the Dreamcast 1998…. (Xbox also was 2001)
    But bottom line a year of tech back then was huge in the performance difference you'd see in chips tech was moving fast then.
    Plus compared to PC's at the time all of that generation was weak compared to a high end pc from year 2000…..

    The N64 was nearly 2 years newer then PS1 or Saturn…

    Snes was newer then genesis….

    Nes has no real competition…

    So if the Switch has a X2 or comparable chip with over 4gb of ram.
    This is truly a high end system considering it's portable….
    On the portable field I dare say it's comparable to the Scorpio on the tech field….

    If it's X1 and 4gb of ram… then no…. it's what's expected in my mind…


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