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PSP promises you boundless entertainment through online and wireless capabilities. And to ensure that your PSP runs efficiently for a long time to come, you need to take proper care of it. Plus with the constant up gradations you need to keep your PSP updated from time to time. Here are some of the PSP accessories that would help you in your endeavour.

1.Memory Stick Pro Duo – PSP W800 K750

These Memory Stick Pro Duo are available in 1GB as well as 2GB. They are best for you if you have a Sony PSP console. Now you can increase the memory of your PSP to a good limit and store all your favourite music and videos, save interesting games etc.

2.Sandisk SONY PSP Memory Stick Pro Duo

Small in size yet big on performance, Sandisk SONY PSP Memory Stick Pro Duo has the same features like high speed data transfer and built-in Magic Gate, along with high storage capacities. If you have a portable device like small digital camera etc. then you will love to possess this.

3.Sony PSP Mains Wall Charger

Do you want to keep the battery of your Sony PSP charged up every time? Then Sony PSP Mains Wall Charger is just what you should possess. It is a good replacement for the original mains charger. You can keep this handy so that you can charge up the flat battery wherever and whenever you wish to.

4.Sony PSP Car Charger

One of the most important PSP accessories, Car Chargers help you charge your PSP console even in the car, while you are on the go.

5.Sony PSP Scratch Remover

Care is an important activity that you should do in order to keep your PSP functioning perfectly year after year. With Sony PSP Scratch Remover, you can remove all the scratches and marks from your PSP.

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