Cell Phone Service – Do You Have These Cell Phone Service Problems Like My Friend Harry?

The cell phone has to be one of the best inventions ever created. In addition, we have all become so dependent on these devices that perhaps we cannot live without them.

Most of the people I would come across will have something or the other to say about their cell phone services. It will generally would not be something positive. It is more likely to be in the nature of a complaint or grudge against the cell phone service. In all likelihood, it would be a complaint which would have not been addressed by their provider. Furthermore, it would most likely be a problem which many people around you may suffer from as well.

My friend Harry told me that he felt ripped off by his provider. I had a detailed discussion with him on the subject as I shared his thoughts. Later, I thought a little more as to why so many people feel that they are being ripped off by their provider. Let us look at some of the reasons here.

Although there are more reasons than this, I felt like these were the top reasons!

1. Inconsistent charges – Apart from the restrictions on what phones we can and cannot use, there is no consistency in the charges being levied for various services by different companies operating in any country. Moreover, the charges being levied, in general, for the same services in a neighboring country could simply be half of what you are paying.

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2. Dishonest pricing – Many cell phone service companies continue to bill you even after your phone has been paid for in full.

3. Levying fixed data charges – Since the packages are designed only for the benefit of the provider, month after month, you may be paying for data charges without actually using that much data. Some time back, a plan was introduced by a new cell phone service company where as they would only charge you for the amount of data you use for the month. The amount of data left over would get rolled over to the next month. But this has not become a common practice yet.

4. Two year contracts – Most of the 2 year contracts offered have been formulated to rip you of your money.

Well, it’s time the cell phone companies gave a look to the ongoing problems and did something to stop the practice of ripping the customers!

Source by Marc-Eddy Drouinaud Jr

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