Cheap Korean Curved Ultrawide 100Hz Gaming Monitor

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The “ultrawide” experience is now available for $400 less than other 100Hz options with the M340CLZ from Microboard! But is it worth what you give up?

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  1. Mine came without an adapter and I am currently using a pc power cable instead. However, none of my computers are detecting this monitor as a display and the screen just turns off a couple seconds after turning on. Could someone help?

  2. For the love of deity, please stop throwing shit around and dropping things on your work bench.

    I know you get lots of free tech, I know you think this is a 'cheap' Korean monitor, I know the lasse faire attitude to tech is kind of your shtick, but you're setting a piss-poor example on how to treat tech, especially to kids or less savvy people who see a popular tech channel and want to mimic you.

    Also, I've seen you handle other tech – the stuff you buy for your own house – with kid gloves. Drop the double standards, treat tech with respect.

  3. I understand the negativity about a complete and total lack of factory color calibration… but are there RGB gain/offset adjustments? Multiple white-point modes? Were you able to do a calibration and improve the accuracy?
    It looks like the red/green primaries are well outside sRGB gamut, so if you can balance the white point you should be able to profile the monitor and get decent results in color-managed software. (If it were a 10-bit panel that'd be great news… as it is, meh.)

  4. C'mon man, Freesync monitor and you don't even try it w/an AMD GPU? (Nerd card pulled). Hey, look behind you. There's a dozen tools that could have masked your bird-like strength when opening the package. I know you didn't pay for the monitor but you treated it like a petulant 8 year old. Once it's unpacked, tossing it around does not compensate for the earlier, vulgar display of wimpdom. (Nerd card replenished).


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