Classic Game Room – SEGA FM SOUND UNIT review

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Classic Game Room reviews the Sega FM Sound Unit for Sega Mark III (the Japanese Sega Master System). The FM Sound Unit unlocks new, secret soundtracks contained within Sega Mark III video games like Fantasy Zone II, Opa Opa, Shinobi, Out Run and more!

The Sega Mark III FM Sound Unit YouTube review shows Sega FM Sound Unit review footage of this Sega Mark III add on and Sega Master System to Sega Mark III converter in action.



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  1. Sega with their crazy add ons for even the Master System. Pretty cool. A lot of those Master System songs were pretty charming on their own, but still a neat option for those who want something different.

  2. Eh, I don't like it. Part of what defines these old consoles is their sound. And a Master System should sound like a Master System, not a Genesis 😛 Could you imagine playing Super Mario Bros. with FM sound? Would completely kill the nostalgia.

  3. That fm soundchip is absolutely mind blowing it makes you even wondering if you are still playing an 8bit system or playing on a 16bit system, it really feels nextgen.
    That PSG chip really sounds. Lifeless & cold .
    Apart from the fm soundchip, many games do have decent graphics to mimmick 16bit, so that's 2 pseudo bits of the price of 1.

  4. A really cool add-on. For someone who grew up with the Nes, the SMS always seemed like a bit of an oddball with it's better graphics but clearly more lacking sound capabilities. With that thing the SMS feels like an actual more advanced system with two extra years in developement compared to Nintendo's machine.

  5. it still boggles my mind why Sega didn't give the Power Base Converter this ability right out of the box. As someone who actually really dislikes the sound that comes out of the Master System/Mark III, The FM Sound Unit is actually a must for me.


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