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A little bit of programming can actually help you in having a good time with your computer. Most people shy away from the word programming – something that we associate with geeks and is assumed to be too difficult to comprehend. We have some tools, we have the mouse and we can click – that's all we need to know in computers to make it work. That is of course true. But it is also true that programming can help you work a lot faster on your computer and is in fact not that difficult to learn.

For MS example DOS batch files can help you start all your favorite programs all at once the moment you start your computer. You do not need to go to your desktop and click on icons one after another to open all your favorite windows. Similarly other programming languages ​​for example C, C ++, Visual Basic, etc are also simple programming languages ​​that can be used to control your computer.

Learning about any particular programming language is beyond the scope of this article. However, almost all programming languages ​​work on some conditions and commands. Let's look at some of the basic components of a programming language. Please note that this article is not meant for teaching any particular programming language. The purpose is more to help bust the fear that people in general associate with the word 'programming'.

Commands: Commands, as the word suggests, are used to ask the computer to behave a certain way. The commands can not work all by themselves unless some data is provided to work on. For Example you can not command on empty space asking it to 'sit'! On the contrary if you have a dog, you can train it to sit on your command. In the computer the data can be fed by the user or the program can get the data from the Internet to work on.

Conditions: When the commands have to work with unknown data, programmers include conditions. Whatever the outcome of the previous command is, is to be followed – is an example of a condition that can set for a certain program. Thus if one variable is 'x', then we can ask the program to perform in a certain way whereas if the variable is 'y' we can command the program to behave in a different way.

Using data, variables and conditions you can set up simple programs to work for your computers. The outcome is limitless:

o Get forms filled in automatically.
o Download updates without manually visiting the websites.
o Perform mathematical tasks automatically
o Compose email messages and get those sent as and when required automatically.
o Set your alarms, reminders and the resulting actions.
o Create animations and digital signatures.

The possibilities are plenty. All you need to do is create a executable files from your commands using your programming language. Now these files will have .exe extension and can be operated automatically. So in simple words you or the programmer has created a software program to say for example fill out online forms automatically.

Source by Gregg Hall

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