Cool New Gadgets For Toolbars

Everyone that surfs on the internet has a toolbar. Its the small bar that sits on top of your browser. Google was the first one to make personal toolbars popular. Now you can have your very own toolbar that you can customize to your personal interest. I will talk about some of the features you can have in toolbars these days.

The most popular feature in toolbars is the ability to block unwanted ads and popups which can be very annoying. Some newer toolbars can even serve to block computer viruses from infecting your PC. Then there are some very useful features that most toolbars have too. For instance you can search Google or other search engines right from your toolbar. Also you can have the auto fill feature where when you click on that button in your toolbar it will automatically fill in forms on the web page with your name, address, phone number and etc.

There are newer features coming out for toolbars all the time. For people who like entertainment, you can even play games right from your toolbar. For instance with the ImFun Toolbar you can play several popular video games right from your browser. Also with the ImFun Toolbar you can get the latest entertainment news, listen to your favorite radio station, or even chat with your friends. There is also a button called Gadgets where you get a whole list of handy devices such as a calorie calculator, a to do list tracker, wikipedia search, and much more. I think my favorite gadget on the ImFun Toolbar is the You Tube top 10, where you will be constantly informed of the most popular videos for that week.

As you can see the possibilities are endless for what toolbars will come out with next. What will future technology bring? One can only guess. Can you imagine a toolbar where you can see the person your chatting with? Or how about your toolbar reading your mind and pulling up exactly what you want to see on the Internet with you just thinking about it? Now that one wont probably happen until a long ways into the future, but it sure will be fun when it does happen. To keep track of the latest toolbars out there just do a search at Google or look into toolbar directories. Also different browsers support different toolbars. The Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers usually support most toolbars.

Source by Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams

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