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Timeline Plugin For WordPress (Horizontal, Vertical & Blog Timeline)

Cool Timeline Pro is an advanced WordPress timeline plugin that showcases your life history timeline or your company’s story timeline in a responsive horizontal or vertical chronological order based on the year and the date of your posts. It is best plugin to create a timeline theme. You can also convert your blog posts into a blog timeline by using this awesome timeline template maker plugin.

Vertical Default Timeline Demo | Horizontal Default Timeline Demo

Vertical Flat Timeline Demo | Horizontal Flat Timeline Demo

Vertical Elegant Timeline Demo | Horizontal Elegant Timeline Demo

Vertical Classic Timeline Demo | Horizontal Classic Timeline Demo

Convert Blog Posts into Timeline – Check Blog/Content Timeline Demo

You Can Also Create One-Sided Timeline – Check One-Sided Demo Here

Create Awesome Story Timeline Using Images, Videos & Slide-Show

You can represent your stories in an awesome timeline format by setting images, videos, slide-show and custom design and colours according to your theme. You can use this timeline plugin anywhere via simple short-code.

The plugin contains an advanced admin panel with lots of options for styling, customization and more.

Cool Timeline Pro plugin is used to create

  • Cool Horizontal and Vertical Timeline
  • Awesome Company Timeline
  • Blog Posts Timeline
  • Program History
  • Your Company Storyline
  • Events Timeline
  • Life Stories/Timeline
  • Life Achievements
  • Personal Timeline
  • Author Biography Timeline
  • Product updates Timeline
  • Company History Timeline
  • Content Timeline
  • Startup Storyline

We are thrilled to bring you Cool Timeline Pro 2.0 with advanced features – 3 new designs, facebook page timeline, visual composer support, new animation effects etc. It is now easier to design an awesome timeline using brand new shortcodes & setting options.

Version 2.0 introduces several new timeline design features.

  • Visual Composer support/ Addon
  • Social Timeline (Facebook Page Timeline)
  • 3 New Designs(Flat,Elegant & Classic Design
  • Create Category Specific Blog posts / Content Timeline
  • Improved & Easy Shortcode Generator
  • New Beautiful Animation Effects.

Cool features of Cool Timeline Pro

  • Convert Your Blog into Timeline
  • Create Horizontal Timeline
  • Add Cool Icons in Timeline
  • Create Timeline with Any Post-Type
  • Create Multiple Timeline Stories – Create unlimited timeline stories inside your WordPress website or blog.
  • Timeline Scrolling Navigation – Quickly and easily navigate your timeline with a beautiful scrolling navigation inside your timeline.
  • Historical Dates – Allow you to set dates between the years 1000-2050.
  • Stories Content Format – Add different type of content like Video, Slideshow, Image in your story.
  • Stories Category Management – Add stories in specific category.
  • Advanced Style Options – Customize with your own colors, styles.
  • Story Single Page ? Custom single story page.
  • Animation Effects ? Add animation effects on timeline scroll.
  • Stories Images in popup ? Display stories images in popup.
  • Stories Images Slideshow – Add images slideshow in stories.
  • Related Stories – View other stories of timeline quickly on single story page.
  • Mobile Compatibility View
  • Use via shortcode
  • Easy installation ? purchase, download the zip, read the docs
  • Compatible with all major browsers, including IE ? compatible from IE9 to IE11, Chrome, Safari and Firefox

Other Features Of Our Timeline Plugin

  • Single Sided Timeline Layout
  • Multiple Colour Skins – Dark, Light, MultiColour Timeline
  • Stories Pagination Feature
  • Creative Animation Effects
  • Create Multiple Timeline With Different Colour Skins
  • Adjust Stories Order(ASC/DESC) Using Shortcode
  • Add Time Along With Stories Date
  • Choose Any Historical Year (starting From Year 1000)
  • Create Multiple Timeline Using Shortcode
  • Add Slidershow, Video, Images in Timeline
  • Manage Stories Using Category Option
  • Add Beautiful Scrolling Navigation in Sidebar

*While updating to latest version you will not loss any data.


Version 2.0.1 | 1 February 2017

– Added :Story date formats settings in shortcode generator
– Added :Custom link option in story section.
– Added :Translation ready and translated in 4 languages (German, French, Indonesian & Italian)
– Added :Stories read more text managed from settings panel
– Fixed :Fixed fatal errors gernated by plugin while free plugin is active – Compatibilty:Compatibilty with free version. – Fixed : Horizontal slider disable looping
– Fixed : Minor bug fixings
– Improved:Improved timeline loading speed.

Version 2.0 | 27 December 2016

- Added : Added new designs for Vertical timeline and one-sided  (Default, Flat Design, Elegant Design, Classic Designs).
- Added : Added new designs for Horizontal timeline (Default, Flat Design, Elegant Design, Classic Designs).
- Added : Added new designs for Content timeline (Default, Flat Design, Elegant Design, Classic Designs).
- Added : Visual Composer support(Story timeline, Content timeline, social timeline)
- Added : Content timeline Horizontal  layout
- Added : Content timeline with specific category.
- Added : Content timeline Support category, tag, custom taxonomy
- Added : Social timeline( Facebook Page Timeline)
- Added : Popup gallery
- Added : Added new animation effects
- Fixed : minor bug fixings.
- Added : Categories filter in all stories page.
- Fixed : Fixed Footer extra space issue.
- Fixed : Minor style issue fixed
- Fixed : Minor  frontend script(JS) changes
- Imporved : Shortcode generator

Version 1.9 | 5 December 2016

- Fixed :Minor style issue fixed
- Fixed : Minor frontend script(JS) changes

Version 1.8 | 7 November 2016

-Fixed:Minor Bug Fixings

Version 1.7 | 21 October 2016

-Fixed:Cannot load cool_timeline_page.
-Fixed:Unable to access plugin settings page when you have mentioned 
define('DISALLOW_FILE_MODS',true); contant in wp-config file.
-Fixed:Horizontal Timeline minor bug fixings.
-Fixed:Shortcode problem with Divi Builder fixed.
-Enhancement:Migrates google fonts from http to https.
-Fixed:Minor Styles fixes.

Version 1.6 | 4 October 2016

-Fixed:- Multiple timeline issue on same page.
-Added:- Disable stories images option in settings panel
-Improved:- minor css fixes
-Fixed:- stroy single page height issue

Version 1.5 | 20 September 2016

- Added : Horizontal timeline.
- Added : Content timeline
- Added : Icons for timeline.
- Fixed :  minor bug fixings.
- Added : Categories filter in all stories page.
- Fixed : minor style fixes.

10  September 2016: (version 1.4)

- Fixed : Custom styling Bug fixing.

30 August 2016: (version 1.3)

- Added : Single sided timeline layout.
- Added :Timeline multiple skins(Light,dark,default).
- Added :stories Pagination feature.
- Added :added year disable feature in settings panel.
- Improved :Overall view of timeline
- Improved : HTML and CSS of timeline.
- Updated:Shortcode generator with layout and skin features.
- Fixed:minor bug fixings.
- Fixed: Minor CSS fixes.

12 August 2016: (version 1.2)

- Added: the time option to set the story time.
- Added: the title color option to set the story title color.
- Added: Stories orders(ASC/DESC) feature in shortcode.
- Added: Created plugin transation file.
- Updated: Extended story year from 1850 to 1700.
- Updated: Timeline z-index with fixed menu bar.
- Fixed: Extra space with Full HTML option.
- Fixed: Story date translation issue.
- Fixed: Minor CSS fixes.
- Updated: Minor changes.

15 July 2016: (version 1.1)

- Improved features, small errors fixed

14 July 2016: (version 1.0)

- Version 1.0 Initial Release

Support & Queries

You can contact us directly via the comments section of the plugin or mail us on




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