Cosmo Sex Position brings applications on Android, Googles response wait

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Somebody call Steve Jobs, to be able to get only a little fun with his seemingly-always a hard day: Cosmopolitan magazine for young women love and men hate to admit that love spent about sexual positions on the Android Market. I know what you mean: no, it does not help your sex life, if you are already bad in bed. You have to learn to walk before you can crawl. Cosmo but at least so you can easily pretend that you are not experienced as you really are.
app for download on the market, $2.99(which Im not too keen to buy, to see for myself yet ) will be used to a daily dose of sex positions to try when and your partner to find time for intimacy. Its all about, really, but you begin to wonder whether the right to work in calling Android store porn . This is not porn, but Im sure those Parental tells Google slapping on the wrist some time ago, did not appreciate the open availability of this application for each phone that can access the allowances paid to the market.


While many of them say, Well, kids should not have mobile phones and, yes, The fact is that Yes. Limit the application devotes most of the Android-toting children only when a quick gander at the preview images(since theyd have to ask parents about their credit or debit card to add Google Checkout), but even then there are some carriers(about T-Mobile in the U.S. and soon many more) that allow you to pay the account application, together with the regular use of giving their children the freedom to buy what they want.
My question is this: Does Google remove this application from the Android Market? Google believes sex positions app which does not show the real people whose actions he said for indecent in consider an application Hitler ? Definitely should, if the definition Merriam-Websters Word is something pass, so Im just waiting to see how they treat this case. It may eventually go to bed with my scruples of their inconsistency in regulating the market, but it remains to be seen. Now, and get into some sexual positions!

Via: Cosmo Sex Position brings applications on Android, Googles response wait

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