Create a KODI build for for Krypton and Jarvis – How to Part 1

create a kodi build
Create a KODI build for for Krypton and Jarvis

As the title says in the first tutorial I will show you how to completely customise your device and in essence you are creating a build, don’t worry I will guide you through every step of the way, the only attribute you really need, and in-fact its optional is creativity. I will show you some of the tools, not new ones either to create a KODI build that looks something like this. This is all using the Aeon Box Silvo Mod. Don’t forget I have competitions running every 2 weeks too, just head over to cssc0der competitions

create a kodi build

Looks pretty sweet doesn’t it, and this is on KODI 17.4 the very latest version so its all working basically on =>version 16.x

Before we get started if you have time read this post on why you need a VPN I won’t go on about it here we want to get to the juicy stuff.

1. Download this following file from Download 6.0.9 (Krypton) Updated July 26th this is the files required for the Aeon Not Silvo Mod to be installed on your device. Now theres various ways to get this on your device, this is just 1 way using Windows OS. You can still follow this guide as I show you the file locations needed on all operating systems.

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2. Head to your downloads and you will see either a zip file or .rar it doesn’t matter either way, what you want to do now is unzip or un-rar this download somewhere where you will remember it. If you don’t have neither (although you should have at least one) then head to here for zip or here for RAR then you will be able to extract or unzip.

Check out this easy to follow guide on how to create a build on KODI 16 and 17! Click to Tweet

3. Once you have done that you will now see a folder with the name as AEON.nox.silvo – ps if you have got this far you are doing awesome, lets carry on! Here is the folder and what it looks like. You now need to COPY this folder. You are so close to learning how to create a KDO build

4. Now is a slight more tricky part. You need to navigate to the following location, like in the image below. See what I have typed in the search on windows.

if you are struggling then check this out to find the location on all operating systems.

Android : Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/userdata/
iOS : /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/Kodi/userdata/
Linux : ~/.kodi/userdata/
Mac : /Users/<your_user_name>/Library/Application Support/Kodi/userdata/
LibreELEC/OpenELEC : /storage/.kodi/userdata/
Windows : Start - type %APPDATA%\kodi\userdata - press <Enter>

5. Once in this location you will need to PASTE the Aeon Not Silvo folder in here as shown below.

Once you have pasted this in your job here is nearly done. Like I have stated in the start of this tutorial, I am no expert, theres probably many ways to do this but this is one of them. Comment below if you have found other ways, linking the tutorial. I am no “skinner” I jus like to help users out. I am still learning too.

6. Finally lets open create a KODI build now we have the tools, lets open her up   wow that sounded wrong, lets open Krypton. Thats better.

7. Head over to settings from the main menu

8. Then over to interface settings, yes to create a build you would have thought it was skin settings

9. Head to skin, and click on Estuary, then you will see you have a further option, its called the Aeon Nox Silvo Mod – YES YOU DID IT. Now its time to start customising. Don’t worry I have a video for that to recap all of this and how to edit all of the skin options.

10. Now stay tuned for the next video one how to customise the build even further, further preset menu bars (which we import), adding wizards, addons, and sorting out that submenu. Then in the final video we will pack it all up and share it with the world. 🙂 Here is a sneak peak at the menu bars we can import in a later version of the Tutorial. Further guidance on the update of this amazing skin mod can be found over at the KODI Forum 

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Guide on how to create a KODI build

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