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Customise your KODI Build

Have you ever wanted to tweak your KODI build without having to change and xml file settings or adding a line of code etc. Are you non geeking and just want a build that you can fully customise to suit you ! Well I bring you envision from the Ares Wizard which can be found at http://areswizard.co.uk a simple install. If you need an install guide then check this out http://cssc0der.com/ares-wizard-install-and-full-walkthrough-october-2016/ you’ll be amazed at the content you can get from this awesome wizard. So what options are their to customise your KODI Build then | well you will be amazed, if its the font, wallpapers, menu bar, animations then this build really has it all and more, there was NO WAY I could cover everything in the video as I would have been still making it as we speak.

Here are some screenies of the customisation settings:

Customise your kodi build Customise your kodi build It really is one of the best builds I have seen to date, and as you are well aware I have reviewed quite a few, just search for cellarDoorTV on Ares wizard and you will see the options to install this amazing build – I really have not seen another build where you are able to Customise your KODI  build so much in this way.

Here is the video of the full review !


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