Customise your KODI Build

Have you ever wanted to tweak your KODI build without having to change and xml file settings or adding a line of code etc. Are you non geeking and just want a build that you can fully customise to suit you ! Well I bring you envision from the Ares Wizard which can be found at a simple install. If you need an install guide then check this out you’ll be amazed at the content you can get from this awesome wizard. So what options are their to customise your KODI Build then | well you will be amazed, if its the font, wallpapers, menu bar, animations then this build really has it all and more, there was NO WAY I could cover everything in the video as I would have been still making it as we speak.

Here are some screenies of the customisation settings:

Customise your kodi build Customise your kodi build It really is one of the best builds I have seen to date, and as you are well aware I have reviewed quite a few, just search for cellarDoorTV on Ares wizard and you will see the options to install this amazing build – I really have not seen another build where you are able to Customise your KODI  build so much in this way.

Here is the video of the full review !

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