Destiny: Awesome Perks – The Wail Review!

A Simple Click Really Helps

The Wail (Future War Cult Hand Cannon)
Crucible Gameplay, Damage Numbers, Tips and More!

High Caliber Rounds Flinch Test:

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  1. don't they nerf enough to not have you complaining about the dragon. nerfing isn't the answer, buff the other weapons. I'm sick of people crying because they can't dominate due to a weapon and then bungie nerfing the hell out of everything. push for buffs to other weapon classes instead of nerfs. I get shottied left and right but I'm not saying to nerf them, make primaries more effective and buff other weapons to counter is what I suggest.´╗┐

  2. Loved the video man!!! The clever Dragon is pretty OP at the moment! Nothing can compete with it ­čśé
    Have you done a review on the burning eye because I went flawless( first time ever) and got the adept version so I'm wondering how well it does in PVP.´╗┐


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