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So firstly I have to thank Megamind for taking the time to answer these questions, as you can see they are some pretty comprehensive answers, take the time to read through them. I know he leads a very busy life so thank you. I wanted the end user (you) to understand a little more about the developer behind some of the great builds and add ons that we use on I would assume a daily basis.




Questions that Mr Mind Kindly answered.

What is the Name of your Build/Add-on(s)

“Mega’s Wookie Build” & “Mega’s Kids Build”

How long have you been in the Game

1-2 Years

What made you start Developing for KODI/XBMC

To be honest I can’t be classed as a developer, I only put the developers work together into a nice neat package for folk to enjoy.

It all started for me by just changing a couple of background options around on the original build I used when I purchased my 1st Android Device and just snowballed from there. My builds were only ever for personal use till the team over at Wookie Wizardry asked if I would be interested in adding some of my stuff to the community builds section of there Wizard. I didn’t really expect anyone else to like them never mind use them. Much to my surprise I’ve grown a loyal set of users so what I do I do for them

What annoys you the most about the community

The constant bitching and in-fighting

What are your plans for the future in the community

Just to continue doing what myself and the rest of #TeamWookie are doing at the minute and try to give users the best possible Kodi experience. Doing the builds is only a small part of it, the support that’s offered on it is just as important I think and is what sets Wookie apart from some of the others out there.

If you could change one thing about the community what would it be and why ?

For the Addon developers to get respect they deserve from us, the end user instead of some the abuse we all to often see handed out to them. Without them we have nothing.

Do you develop for KODI full time?


Thanks Megamind!!!! I appreciate you taking the time to answer questions! NOW check out his build review from cssc0der.com right HERE


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