DF Videocast #4: Unboxing PS4 Pro, Meeting Mark Cerny & More

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We’ve got the PS4 Pro in-house and we’re hard at work reviewing it – and a big bunch of Pro software.

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  1. Man that thing is so ugly compared to the original (even the PS4 Slim), they should have just added the new hardware to the original best looking 2013 model. I won't be upgrading (Waits for PlayStation 5).

  2. Any chance we could get a full explanation on how Checkerboard rendering actually works? This is really interesting stuff but there's little to no information available on it anywhere online.

  3. That was a good review. I came here from comments mentioned on CNET's shoddy excuse for a review. I ordered a pro a while back, so I can give my kids my ps4 for the living room. Just need to sell their kidneys to pay for a 4k HDR TV and then Im set. Im hoping for some PSVR improvements too – its bloody great but Im still waiting for my move controllers from Amazon 🙁 got rush of blood and Im not playing that with a controller, so the game is still shrink-wrapped waiting for them.

  4. so PlayStation 4 Pro is absolutely the winner here. Compete with a 1500$ PC n almost beat them.. wow ..
    they done a incredible job with the PlayStation 4 Pro. They r dare to make a console that cost only 400$ n almost producing a 4k Native.. just wow.. a pc cost triple to get that outcome..

  5. Hi Richard, please could you make a video explaining how developers can take advantage of the 8.4 Tflops performance of PS4 Pro 16 bit, versus the 32 bit 4.2 Tflops processing?

    Can all types of games take advantage of this? Does it need to be coded specifically for the PS4 Pro to take advantage of it? Can developers really take advantage of it? Or is it just some processing/coding in some parts of games that can take advantage?

    I really respect your effort for making great videos with great explanations. Could you please clarify those points in one of the next videos you make?

    Thank you very much, and keep up the great work you guys are doing!!!

  6. hi Richard
    since you have connections to my console idol Mark Cerny i want you to clarify with him that if i press share button on the ps4 pro pad will i be able to upload to youtube in 4k quality?

  7. In-depth PS4 proTitanfall2 performance enhancements will be appreciated. Not expecting much as Respawn indicated that TF2 PS4 PRO optimization was minimal due to late notification from Sony. Nevertheless, would appreciate coverage from +DigitalFoundry on 1080p/60, super sampling & HDR.

  8. Richard is angry with Tom because he knows they will have sex after filming this video. Richard is in deinal about being a gay man, while Tom embraces it. This makes Richard angry. I think Richard also beats Tom out of frustration over not being attracted to women. After Richard beats Tom I believe he kisses his bruises and they cry in each others arms.

  9. Какая то этажерка получилась.ещё раз утверждаюсь во мнении что сони не умеет делать дизайн консолей и аксессуаров.

  10. I honestly feel that the PS4 Pro is what the original PS4 should have been in the beginning or something close in terms of features and CPU/GPU performance . Sony seemed to be too focused on pricing the original PS4 competitively at $399 . I just wonder how much better they could have made it if they had priced it the same as the Xbox One at $499. I'm sure people would not have minded paying that price and that it'd still be the more popular console among gamers.

    I'm still looking forward to seeing what the Pro can do but if it fails, I hope it serves as a good lesson for Sony to make their next gen console more powerful.

  11. Apparently the PS4 original not only has SATA2, but it has a "USB Bridge" chip too, adding more latency to the hard drive and reduced bandwidth.
    If the PS4 Pro downclocks the CPU (in PS4 mode) and it uses a SATA3 to USB bridge, it really isn't going to improve load times much for the older games, which SUCKSSSSSSS.
    PS4 load times were one of it's weakest points, even with an SSD. I hope this ends up, somehow being much faster at loads if you throw the $$SSD at it


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