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Hidden in the iOS 10.2 beta version that Apple just released are a handful of new wallpapers. Regular users won’t be getting them until Apple officially releases iOS 10.2, sometime next month. But you’re no regular user, which is why you can bask in the glory of a new wallpaper right now.

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The three new wallpapers might look familiar to you, since they’ve been featured in iPhone 7 ads already. But the wallpapers haven’t been downloadable quite yet for regular users.

The black backgrounds work particularly well on the new black and Jet Black iPhones, although make sure you don’t park a blue app in the middle of the background or you’ll never find it.

Other than new wallpapers, iOS 10.2 has mostly brought fresh bug fixes and new emoji to iOS. In total, Unicode 9.0 includes 72 new emoji, including 22 new emoji from the “Smileys and People” category and 18 new emoji from the “Food and Drink” category.

iOS 10.2 was released as a beta to developers yesterday, and as a public beta today. If you’re already on one of the beta programs, it’s available as an over-the-air software upgrade. Just head to Settings –> General –> Software Update. Make sure you’re connected to power and have a previous backup of your device, just in case.

The hi-res versions of all the wallpapers are available for download below.







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