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Dragon Ball SUPER just got a dub announcement and it’s time to celebrate with some Parallel Quests with PUDDIN! Join us for a night of online hijinks and tomfoolery with everyone’s favorite Buu!

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This is a multi-part series. Start from Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAD5jdjmBF523g6Y0Q8P3W8wVQcZ45q6U

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  1. Dragon Fist isn't that hard to land guys come on. Just do a Light Stamina break, and instantly use it. Don't punch them between the break and the skill etc. Just stamina break->Dragon Fist. Honestly that applies to almost all Strike ultimates.

  2. That moment when they were talking about Dragon Ball Z Legendary Super Warriors for GBC I looked over at my shelf and realized I still have a working cartridge of that game with a working internal battery

  3. Anyone else get frustrated with Trainer missions when they give you a bunch of useless skills that are very situational and never hit and the trainer is at a sliver of HP but you can't ever land the damn skill they want you to kill it with? Also they remove your other skills so you can break out of endless combos, or use items >> So frustrating.

  4. DLC should be Cabba, Frost, Zamasu and Goku Black for people who don't have him. Then a second pack should be Black Zamasu, SS Blue Vegito, give Black Super Saiyan Rose and what should have been in the game in the first place: Mira's final form. I'd also like to see a forgotten villains pack: Garlic Jr (Full Power), Super 13, Bojack (Full Power) and Hatchiyak along with Expert Missions against Dr Wheelo, Giant Slug, Cooler's Big Gete Star core, fat Janemba and Hirudegarn

  5. I can understand that the chaotic nature of a randomized Nuzlocke doesn't appeal to you. It does have some more appeal, though, if you leave certain things unaltered. (And if you do what I did and take a peek at the randomizer logs to learn where to look for certain items like Heart Scales.)
    But I like going into a game not knowing exactly what to expect, instead having to figure out a strategy as I go. I like to plan ahead, but not too far. It got me to the end, and I had a lot of fun getting there. But I understand that not everyone agrees.

  6. Anyone else love how they didn't even notice that someone gave them tien's Z soul?(or super soul now I guess, but come on, they're literally the same exact thing with a different name in front of it) The Z soul that they hate with a passion because of fans who kept bugging em about it?


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