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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is HERE! It’s time to begin the Adventures of Puddin on the PS4! Join your Team Four Star favorites in a new Dragon Ball journey! Credit to https://twitter.com/mrsteakart for the Puddin picture!!

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This is a multi-part series. Start from Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAD5jdjmBF523g6Y0Q8P3W8wVQcZ45q6U

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  1. I'd argue Tien became strong enough during the Cell Games to beat Frieza, if he was able to hold back Semi-Perfect Cell with the Shin Kikoho/Neo Tri-Beam. Yamcha might have been able to beat Frieza in his first form, MAYBE second, but I think after that, he'd have no chance at all. Krillin, at the very least, would have been able to disable Frieza if he managed to get a Kienzan/Destructo Disc to cut off Frieza's head, since it's obvious just cutting Frieza to pieces doesn't actually kill him.

  2. On the subject of "Can Senzu Beans grow back body parts?"- how many times have Goku, Gohan and Vegeta all had Senzu Beans, and not grown back their tails? Pretty sure it's not a canon thing.

  3. So Trunks has basically come full circle if that Gary stu stuff is true, given his first appearance was essentially like that of a fanfic-y stu. Cool looking dude with a sword comes in, turns Super Saiyan (which only Goku could do at the time), wrecks Freeza and his dad easily, and he's also the love child of Vegeta and Bulma (two characters that expressed no interest in each other back then). 😛

    Also, the special manga chapter that History of Trunks was based on was where they said the senzu could have regrown Gohan's arm. The TV special only lightly implied it.

  4. All I did to beat Frieza and Cooler was fight any Time Patrollers that offer to in single player mode and complete every instructor mission you can with every instructor available, including the advancement tests.
    I leveled my Ki, Stamina, Ki Supers, and Strike Supers evenly, ignoring health and basic attack (after getting my attack to about 15).
    I took on the mission at around level 28, having only completed one PQ, and no side missions.
    Finished it on my first try with Neo Tri Beam and whatever Nappa's Ultimate is called, without using any healing items.

    Not being one of those people that acts like you guys suck. Just letting people know that that's how I passed the mission in case anyone is curious of a good early game strategy.


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