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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is HERE! It’s time to begin the Adventures of Puddin on the PS4! Join your Team Four Star favorites in a new Dragon Ball journey! Thumbnail art courtesy of https://twitter.com/Frostycone00 !

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This is a multi-part series. Start from Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAD5jdjmBF523g6Y0Q8P3W8wVQcZ45q6U

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  1. I wish that, since they're complaining about how shit the transformation for Buus is, they'd just grind and get the fucking Potential Unleashed, IE the best fucking transformation in the fucking game. You can have that shit by the end of fucking Namek with some work, you can't be knocked out of it, and there's no downsides with a boost roughly equal to most of the Super Saiyans. For everything.

  2. BTW [even though this was recorded far over a month ago]- each large rift gives you a colourable Hero Suit, each one with a different symbol on the belt. Vegeta's training gives you the Capsule Corp symboled suit, Buu the Majin symbol, Frieza gives you the Ginyu Force's, and Gohan and Videl either give you [I THINK] a Time Patrol one or a symbol-less one. I also think [again, THINK] Guru is the only one who doesn't give you one, but you can get extra wish options from Shenron if you complete the Guru's House missions.

  3. Burter Says – "You may be wondering why I need Mario to go so quickly. After all, it takes 14 hours to get this fast. But first, let's talk about parallel universes!"


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