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Arguably the WORST Dragon Ball game in history, Dragon Ball Z Sagas for the PS2 is a 2-player action game that — well, you’ll have to see for yourself! How fast can we break this game?!

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  1. At least that Glorp sound was't nearly as jarring and out of place there as it was in End of Evangelion. Also is it me or does the footage in this game from the series actually look Nicer than Funi's season sets

  2. When I played this for the first time when I was a kid, after the special move upgrade, I bought the melee upgrade that has the final move in your combo damage enenmies independent of guard or whatever if you hit circle to end it instead of triangle or square. After that, holy shit, I was invincible.

  3. The Mighty Nappa!
    USA / 2016 / 105 min. / R-Rated / Director: Steve Spielbergo
    When a young killing machine meets an unrelenting force, there's a lot to fear about! Meet Nappa, a good-looking narcissistic Saiyan who has become a celebrity in Hollywood as a movie producer. But the industry can be a meat grinder sometimes, so in a spiritual retirement, Nappa finds out about a mysterious artifact known as the Dragon Balls. Armed with his Saiyan armor, his guts (and probably 2 or 3 ozs. of whisky), Nappa embarks on a crazy adventure all around the world to fulfill his long awaited wish for panties! I mean… inmortality. Inmortality is what he really meant!

  4. all the budget was used in the cut scenes and then the game designers were like fuck what about the game play the lead designer says huh like anybody plays a dragon ball z game for the gameplay they only play it for vs mode

  5. i enjoyed this game but turning ssj2 with gohan so you can actually damage cell a little bit was almost impossible like annoying hard like after you barely survive and get enough hits to become ssj2 it only lasts for a few sec i dont remember that much about the fight because i was little when i played this game im 13 now so maybe i was like 6 or 7 so i dont remember


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