Droid X: a new flagship Android phone breaks cover

Motorola Droid X the last Next Big Thing in the Android world officially broken cover in the USA.
new phone is very similar to Milestone XT720 were considered until recently which means that it might not make it to Britain.
But there is one difference: 4.3-inch screen called 720p.
Ridiculous resolution
assume that this means that it can pumped to HD TVs, 1280720 screen, such as the size would be frankly ridiculous.
There is no official word on specs yet, but I got an HDMI port-outs, which means that it is likely to record in HD, again, as Motorola Milestone XT720 .
we ll keep an eye out if this little gem is falling here, but do not get too much hope save everything for Motorola Milestone 2 instead.

Via: Droid Spin
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New feature from Google for Android Phones,Apps,Unbox tools.

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