EasySMX ESM939P PS4/XBOX/PC Gaming Headset Unboxing – (Sponsored)

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EasySMX ESM939P:

EasySMX ESM939P gaming headset works perfectly for PS4 and mobile phone, provided with a splitter cable for use with PC. It can be used for XBOX ONE via an adapter (NOT INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE)

– It features two 40mm NdFeB driver units to reproduce high fidelity gaming audio, enhance rich bass to give you a more immersive – gaming and listening experience

Large circumaural earcups are great for noise isolation and more comfortable to wear. Adjustable headband with cushion pad fit well with all head sizes to give a better gaming experience

– The omnidirectional microphone will pick up your voice clearly in gaming process and the detachable design gives you much more freedom when you don’t want to be heard

– In-line controller integrates a gaming& chatting volume controller and on/off button used for controlling music and phone call

Thank you to EasySMX for sponsoring this video!


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  1. I got one of these and the auxiliary input port on the headphones themselves broke. It is loose and cannot give sound. It still works for PS3 though but not computer or mobile should've included warranty.

  2. LoL awesome i had those but wireless and then someday it got realy shit because sometimes it just began to blow my ears of by making the loudest and most fucked up sound ever. but else i would deiffinetly recommend them! 🙂 shit i want them to work again … :c


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