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Ebook / PDF

So we have what I was promising, don’t worry its no where completed yet, its certainly work in progress and I believe its probably about 20% complete. I will be covering everything to do will all devices, it will include Tweaks you can make to your device to certainly reduce buffering, housekeeping you should carry out at least every few days and how to automate that too. The Ebook will also cover installation of apps, builds and repositories. I will try my best and anything you would like added just comment on this post and you know that I will add it.

This (e)Book (eventually) PDF at the moment is solely for YOU the users out their, and I will do my best to make it as comprehensive as possible.


All I politely ask is that to unlock this you share, comment or follow, thats it, this will then unlock the box for you to view and or download the .pdf.

Like I say this first 20% rough draft is only the start of something that will be quite comprehensive. It will be converted to an to an Ebook once I believe its completed, but you know me I am never happy with things and always like to tweak and add information, especially if it helps people out. That is basically what I am trying to do, only because I know you can install, update, clean and eventually advise on all things KODI related, ultimately so users dont get conned out of their hard earnt money.



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