Economic Warfare? PewDiePie vs. WSJ #YouTube

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This video asks the question if the article from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) was a deliberate attack to inflict economic damages on PewDiePie, but more importantly to discredit YouTube as an advertising and also news platform. Many indicators appeared in the last few weeks that support this claim. Especially now that YouTube is under full attack by major advertising companies.

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French advertising giant pulls out of Google and YouTube

Analysts predict the YouTube advertiser boycott will cost Google $750 million

Here are the biggest brands that have pulled their advertising from YouTube over extremist videos

Google risks prosecution over extremist videos

Lawyer, doctor, engineer

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»Additional Sources«
Critical Slant Pieces on YouTubers

The PewDiePie Megathread from KotakuInAction

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  1. Ugh, I hate how much sense this makes.
    It's so easy to forget that prettymuch no major business has any morals and that it's always about market shares. Drives me nuts to look at it that way and realize that they don't even care about the "moral issues" they raise or the damage they cause to creativity and innovation.
    Individual humans acting as "customers" may often be annoying with their sometimes extreme opinions, but companies … They're outright evil, man.

  2. I'm sure you're right but it seems naive of the traditional media to assume it's a zero-sum game: people watching Youtube equals less newspaper readers. There's no reason why people can't do both, they're different media experiences. I think more importantly: stirring up a shitstorm about a popular Youtube celebrity is simply a good story, that sells papers/adviews.

  3. the kaiser is naked, old media has no power over google, and they will get hurt,alot.
    the people that pay for the ads will soon realise that they need google, they need the data and they need the software. nobody will switch to bing or yahoo(do they still have a search engine?) and android is still the biggest smartphone OS. if they push this BS to much, google will find ways to hurt them REALY BADLY… WaPo is writting lies(well they call it unnamed sources from the inner circle of XY) one time to often and they get blacklisted as fakenews on the app store. google has the some of the smartest people, and they didnt got so big by beeing nice…

  4. In Poland Grzegorz Braun said that 2017 will be a year of a shift in a global propaganda and we will no longer hear about a "muslim extremists", but extremists in general. He stated that everyone with even mildest views that are not in line with official propaganda will be called an extremist over and over in the media. Turned out to be true 100%.

  5. I can't believe I once paid for a subscription to The Wall Street Journal. I hope they have become worse rather than I was just too stupid when I was in college to realize how uninterested in facts they were.

  6. I like the video, but completely disagree with the premise. You miss the forest for the trees. The culture war comes first and the economic aspect is the battleground as there is is no fight without divergence of interests. Those attacks do not happen and cant be analyzed in isolation as that results in such videos. Who own both and who profits? Go check the public records and then make videos!

  7. Remember who the first person to campaign for equality was?…. The Devil… =p
    And hell, equality has historically always the first catch call on the campaign against another's rights.
    (Psychological warfare strategy could be a fun video idea btw =p)

  8. I think you are confusing warfare with competition.
    There is just as much trash on YT as on other services. You take a large tour of YT you will see that there is probably more propaganda on YT than you would see on any of the major news channels regardless of their alliance, like CNN for Western or RT for Eastern interests, combined. I would actually argue that the example you forwarded, Anita S, probably has her biggest audience online as well.

    One of the major issues with YT and newer generations. Is that allot of them dont even see that they are being locked into a bubble of self bias. You search or use YT only for a few things and YT will in turn offer you more of the same content. Be it history, gaming or ideological brainwashing from some fringe groups.

    While its obviously that "old media" are just as interested in viewers like the "new media". Lets not act like "new media" doesnt have any issues because that just comes of as self serving when you clearly have a stake in this. As for the conspiracy. I doubt it tbh because this is more of a bandwagoning effect. Old media see they can do a negative story on their competition, so they do so. You see similar on YT when clear new media leaning stories come up. Everyone on YT or similar feels the need to mention it.

    Advertises are always vary. Just look at what happened to Bill O'uty on Fox. The so called "untouchable" was kicked out. Point is, a seemingly pattern, doesnt necessarily mean there is one.

  9. "The biggest youtuber"? But I've never seen any of his videos or has them in suggested videos, so… I have a suspicion his making some useless crap videos, sorry, if that's not the case.


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