Effective Teaching: How to Enhance Your Instructional Methods

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At times, even the most exceptional teachers feel that certain aspects of their teaching could use some enhancement or revision. Whether it’s getting students more excited about learning, encouraging them to participate in class, or perhaps helping them better understand lessons, there are a number of ways you can enhance the effectiveness of your teaching.

Many teachers, for instance, would like to get their students more involved in class activities – and rest assured, there are various creative methods to achieving this. To begin, why not include your students in the actual planning of lessons? This is a great way to get students to identify their learning needs, as well as to help students develop attainable objectives. You can also adopt teaching strategies that require your students’ direct involvement, such as role playing, or perhaps calling on each other to answer questions.

Ultimately, the goal is to get students to test their ideas and to get creative with what they learn.

When it comes to helping students better understand classroom lessons, it’s a good idea to build on what the students already know. Linking familiar information with new leanings will help students grasp the new information more effectively. Similarly, students usually respond best when teachers move from simple ideas to more complex concepts.

This is because it’s usually more rewarding for a student to master a simple idea then apply it to a more complex learning. However, keep in mind that students will differ in their capabilities to understand various concepts. That is, something that’s simple for one student might be difficult for another. As a result, teachers need to carefully assess their students’ learning needs and plan lessons accordingly.

Your students will also likely vary with regard to their learning styles. While some of your students will be visual learners who perform best when they see or read something, other students will be auditory learners who gain the most knowledge by listening. Of course, many students are also psychomotor or tactile learners, which means they learn best by doing. Because your classroom will likely include a mix of all types of learners, it’s a good idea to involve activities and assignments that cater to every type of learning. While you might not always be able to incorporate all three types of learning methods into one assignment, you can always switch your focus of learning styles – which means your students will gain experience with all types of learning.

Finally, don’t hesitate to increase your usage of classroom teaching tools. For instance, many students respond well to teaching tools like IWBs – or interactive white boards – which are known to help teachers deliver more effective lessons, as well as help students get more involved in class.

So, while there are many more methods to enhancing the effectiveness of your teaching, these few simple tips will undoubtedly help you and your students improve your classroom performance. Remember that you don’t necessarily need to make drastic changes to your teaching style in order to help your students perform; even minor modifications can make a big difference when they’re applied appropriately.

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