FDI, Buzzirk Mobile, Global Verge: Scam, Review, Good Deal Or What?

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Buzzirk Mobile launched with Global Verge at the beginning of July.  The widely proclaimed that they had the most cutting edge technology and that they were basically going to revolutionize the mobile phone market.  This technology was going to be combined with a lucrative compensation plan and significant cost savings for the Mobile Phone user.

Unfortunately, they tanked before they got off the ground.  They failed to meet deadlines, failed to launch when they promised, had to refund money to members, didn’t have able payment processors set up and they finally hired a top MLM attorney weeks after the launch.  They were never even able to say when they would have working phones for the masses of members.  The irony is that they had roped in tens of thousands of eager and hopeful members, and now those members who have been let down are likely going to be very cautious of other similar opportunities.

Along comes FDI with a completely differently set up program.

They have phones warehoused for their launch and are already operating in over 60 countries.  How is that possible?  They merged with/purchased a company that already was operating in those countries and had the total infrastructure all set up.  Customer service, shipping, billing and logistics are all ready to go because of this.  When they flip the switch on the launch date, people will be able to join the FDI International Global Telecom business and will be able to order phones and other hardware for their own use or for their business.

FDI International will pioneer a mobile phone for the masses that is part VOIP, part wi-fi and part Cellular.  The technology within the phone will look for the quickest way to get to the internet, thus saving users money and enabling FDI to offer customers flat, fixed rates.  There will be no roaming charges, overages or any other surprises when customers use these phones.

These phone plans are projected to range from $10 per month to approximately $90 per month.  There will be no contracts or credit checks, and all members will be paid commissions on debit cards tied to a global bank.

Amazingly, these technologically advanced mobile phones (we will no longer call them “cell phones”) will also have the capability to serve as wireless broadband modems.  Customers will be able to talk on their phones while surfing the net on a wi-fi or blue tooth enabled laptop or pc.

Additionally, FDI will also offer individuals, families and businesses total telecommunication solutions and savings from an array of voip hardware and calling cards.

To top it all off, FDI members will have the chance to make a significant income marketing FDI products and services.

Source by Steve Jankowski
Steve Jankowski


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