First NBA Live 17 News!!! Release Date and Gameplay Focus Announced!!! #NBALive17

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NBA Live 17 is focusing on improving gameplay. What would you like to see improved for NBA Live 17?

Full Interview Video:

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  1. if this year NBA live game isn't good than they seriously need to start from scratch. I hope its good but if it isn't than I think it would be good for them to start from scratch. that or team up with 2K & both work on the game (that wouldn't happen but would be nice) or just lose the NBA license & than 2K would be able to have full licensing of the NBA

  2. Hopefully NBA Live will be good again one day because it would be good to have some competition for 2K that way we get way better basketball games. If 2K fanboys were smart they would root for Live to become competition because that means a way better game for 2K. 2K is starting to feel like Madden because they got no competition and it's been sucking ass for the last 3 years.


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